IBM Docs CR1 iFix002 has been published

It has been way to long since the last update, but I will be more frequent in the future. Having said that, iFix002 has been published with the following fixes:

Besides fixes from iFix 001, iFix 002 contains the following fixes:

  • In single editing mode, removed the “Saving” message to display the “All changes saved” message only.
  • Fixed the issue that a user cannot see the highlight of co-editors if the unique user id of the LDAP contains letters that are not in the scope of [A-Za-z0-9], such as email address.
  • Fixed the “unable to find WEB-INF/web_merged.xml” error after updating to CR1, for example, when you change entitlement for IBM Docs in WAS console.
  • Fixed the incorrect error message when viewing large files by changing “cannot be accessed” to “cannot be displayed” and adding download suggestion to customers.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to run Docs Viewer on Linux when having no access to the tmp folder.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to view .pdf files in iNotes with IBM Docs integration.
  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of the editor initial name after changing her or his first name.
    Note: You have to restart the Connections Server and Docs server to make the changes effective. Refer to the instructions about how to restart the Docs server:
  • Fixed the “ class not found exception” issue in SystemOut.log during IBM Docs startup.
  • Fixed the issue that cannot scroll to view all sheets while viewing a spreadsheet file that contains multiple sheets.
  • Fixed a security issue that if given a document editing link, any user can open the link and edit the document even if they are not editors of the document.
  • Fixed the problem that right and bottom borders of merged cells in a spreadsheet cannot be shown in Viewer.
  • Fixed the issue of failing to edit a document when meta.json is corrupted.
  • Fixed the issue in IBM Docs and ICN or CCM integration environment that some editors cannot see the edits of the other editors while co-editing if you have more than one Docs application server running.

This iFix supports IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR1 on all platforms. You must install IBM Docs 2.0 CR1 before applying this iFix.


As always: the iFix can be found at FixCentral!

Integrating IBM Connections Docs 2.0 with

As you might now, IBM Connections Docs 2.0 allows for integration of the social document editing capabilities into virtually any 3rd party content repository – as long as it either has a REST or CMIS API.

If you are interested on seeing how this can be achieved, the IBM Docs development team documented the necessary steps for integrating Docs with document sharing solution:

IBM Docs has been upgraded in IBM Connections Social Cloud (March 2016)

Last weekend IBM Connections Docs was upgraded in the cloud again and a great new feature has been added to the Spreadsheet Editor: You now are able to protect cells and assign them the certain users. This allows you to ensure that only the people responsible fill out specific areas of a chart.

The full list of changes:

Common Services

  • While editing community files, after clicking File > Copy, a copy will be saved within the community, not the personal files list.

Spreadsheets Editor

  • Added Area Protection function by which you can give others edit rights or read only access for a cell range or a sheet.
  • Supported localized formula name for Brazil.
  • Enhanced the Hyperlink formula to support both URLs and cell ranges in current sheet or another sheet.


  • Added .xlsm file format support in HTML Viewer.

IBM Docs has been upgraded in IBM Connections Social Cloud

Last weekend IBM Docs has been upgraded in our Cloud Solution by the development team.

The following things have been changed:

Common Services:

  • Added Apple Safari 9 and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge support    
  • Added the Guided Tour for new users to get an overview of Connections Docs.

Documents editor:

  • Enabled repeated table header (cross pages) support
  • Now users can set border color, type, and width for table cells.

Presentation editor:

  • The content editing area is enlarged and the background area is decreased.

Spreadsheets editor:

  •  Enabled comments round-trip conversion for .ods and .xls files.

New features in the November IBMs Social Cloud Docs upgrade

Connections Cloud Docs has been upgraded last weekend.  The highlights are:

20 simultaneous co-editors, 50M Presentation file size support, Data validation and 3-D formula reference in Spreadsheet editor, Orphan paragraph control in Document editor

Here is the complete list of changes:

Common services:

  • The maximum number of co-editors in a co-editing session is increased from 10 to 20. You can share a file with as many editors as you want, but only 20 editors can co-edit the file at the same time.
  • When opening a file that exceeds the file limitation, the warning message will show precise reasons, letting users know what exactly the cause is.

Documents editor:

  • In co-editing, you can hover over an editor’s underlined changes to display his or her name.  
  • Enabled Orphan and Widow paragraph control, where you can access from the Format > Paragraph Properties menu.

Presentations editor:

  • The presentation file size limitation is increased from 30MB to 50MB.
  • In .pptx files, you can set line type and line weight for shapes. You can also set line endpoints for arrows and lines.         

Spreadsheets editor:

  • You can create and edit data validation.
  • You can copy images form external applications and then paste into spreadsheets editor in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Enabled 3D reference formula.
  • You can drag images from desktop and drop them into spreadsheets.

File Viewer:

  • The presentation file size limitation that can be viewed is increased to from 30MB to 50MB.
  • The formula with 3-D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer
This is the last update of Connections Docs in the cloud for this year. The Docs development team has done a great job in delivering a ton of new features this year. Most of them you will find in the on premise release of IBM Docs 2.0 in the very near future!

New features in the October IBMs Social Cloud Docs upgrade

I have just been informed by the Docs development team, that they have upgraded IBM Connections Docs last week end in the cloud. Here you can find the new features in IBM Connections Docs this month:

Common services:

  • Auto-publishing ensures that your readers can see updates whenever you close the document tab . Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. During a simultaneous group editing session, the new version is created after the last co-editor closes the document.

Documents editor:

  •   You can now view watermarks in imported .docx files.

Spreadsheets editor:

  • You can now sort by multiple columns.
  • On Windows,you can press Ctrl+Alt+Plus to insert rows or columns in Internet Explorer. On Mac, to insert rows or columns,  you can press Ctrl+Shift+Plus in Safari and Chrome, and press Command+Shift+Plus in FireFox.    
  • You can import and export data validation settings for .xls and .ods files.
  • You can cut, paste and autofill data validation setting to a target range.
  • You can open .xlsx files that have styles beyond the 1024 columns.

Presentations editor:

  • The default font position in the table is changed to the center of each cell.
  • The default template background color is changed to white.

File Viewer:

  • Support vertical text for .pptx, .odp, and .ppt files on IE 11, Chrome 28, and Safari 7.
  • Enabled HTML viewer of PDF documents.
  • For imported .xls, .xlsx, and .ods files, the formula with 3-D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer.

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