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New features in the November IBMs Social Cloud Docs upgrade

Connections Cloud Docs has been upgraded last weekend.  The highlights are:

20 simultaneous co-editors, 50M Presentation file size support, Data validation and 3-D formula reference in Spreadsheet editor, Orphan paragraph control in Document editor

Here is the complete list of changes:

Common services:

  • The maximum number of co-editors in a co-editing session is increased from 10 to 20. You can share a file with as many editors as you want, but only 20 editors can co-edit the file at the same time.
  • When opening a file that exceeds the file limitation, the warning message will show precise reasons, letting users know what exactly the cause is.

Documents editor:

  • In co-editing, you can hover over an editor’s underlined changes to display his or her name.  
  • Enabled Orphan and Widow paragraph control, where you can access from the Format > Paragraph Properties menu.

Presentations editor:

  • The presentation file size limitation is increased from 30MB to 50MB.
  • In .pptx files, you can set line type and line weight for shapes. You can also set line endpoints for arrows and lines.         

Spreadsheets editor:

  • You can create and edit data validation.
  • You can copy images form external applications and then paste into spreadsheets editor in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Enabled 3D reference formula.
  • You can drag images from desktop and drop them into spreadsheets.

File Viewer:

  • The presentation file size limitation that can be viewed is increased to from 30MB to 50MB.
  • The formula with 3-D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer
This is the last update of Connections Docs in the cloud for this year. The Docs development team has done a great job in delivering a ton of new features this year. Most of them you will find in the on premise release of IBM Docs 2.0 in the very near future!

New features in this weeks Social Cloud Docs upgrade

If you are using IBMs Cloud for Social Business: The Docs team has upgraded IBM Connections Docs in the cloud with the latest new functions for you to check out:

What’s new in SmartCloud August:
Documents editor:

  • Personalized cursors show who is editing the document and where they are in it.

Presentations editor:

  • You can set transparency for images, shapes, and text boxes in .pptx files.
    • For shapes and text boxes, you can adjust transparency in the color palette.
    • For an image, click Format > Image Opacity.
  • You can select three or more objects and then evenly distribute them, vertically or horizontally.

Social File Sharing: IBM Connections vs. MS SharePoint

A collegue brought the following great comparison of Social File Sharing in IBM Connections and MS SharePoint to my attention.  While it is done cleary from IBMs point of view I still can’t believe that SharePoint could be that “unsocial” when it comes to it’s greatest strength: files and documents.  If you are using MS SharePoint feel free to comment and show me what the colleague is overseeing. 😉

Here the video in English:

Here the video in German: