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IBM Docs has been upgraded in IBM Connections Social Cloud

Last weekend IBM Docs has been upgraded in our Cloud Solution by the development team.

The following things have been changed:

Common Services:

  • Added Apple Safari 9 and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge support    
  • Added the Guided Tour for new users to get an overview of Connections Docs.

Documents editor:

  • Enabled repeated table header (cross pages) support
  • Now users can set border color, type, and width for table cells.

Presentation editor:

  • The content editing area is enlarged and the background area is decreased.

Spreadsheets editor:

  •  Enabled comments round-trip conversion for .ods and .xls files.

New features in the October IBMs Social Cloud Docs upgrade

I have just been informed by the Docs development team, that they have upgraded IBM Connections Docs last week end in the cloud. Here you can find the new features in IBM Connections Docs this month:

Common services:

  • Auto-publishing ensures that your readers can see updates whenever you close the document tab . Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. During a simultaneous group editing session, the new version is created after the last co-editor closes the document.

Documents editor:

  •   You can now view watermarks in imported .docx files.

Spreadsheets editor:

  • You can now sort by multiple columns.
  • On Windows,you can press Ctrl+Alt+Plus to insert rows or columns in Internet Explorer. On Mac, to insert rows or columns,  you can press Ctrl+Shift+Plus in Safari and Chrome, and press Command+Shift+Plus in FireFox.    
  • You can import and export data validation settings for .xls and .ods files.
  • You can cut, paste and autofill data validation setting to a target range.
  • You can open .xlsx files that have styles beyond the 1024 columns.

Presentations editor:

  • The default font position in the table is changed to the center of each cell.
  • The default template background color is changed to white.

File Viewer:

  • Support vertical text for .pptx, .odp, and .ppt files on IE 11, Chrome 28, and Safari 7.
  • Enabled HTML viewer of PDF documents.
  • For imported .xls, .xlsx, and .ods files, the formula with 3-D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer.

Force the creation of thumbnails for all files in Connections with File Viewer

When installing the File Viewer for IBM Connections (which is free in case you did not know), then it will create thumbnails for a quick preview for all files uploaded from now on. You might have a large number of files already in the system though. To enforce the creation of thumbnails for all existing files in the Files application of IBM Connections you need to do the following steps (for IBM Docs / File Viewer 1.0.7 you will have to install iFix 2 first, which you can find in FixCentral):

1. Start the wsadmin client.


Go to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\bin>

./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -user <admin_user_id> -password <admin_password> -port <SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Port>


2. Start the Files script with the following command: 




3. Use the following command to synchronize the internal IDs of the Files users:



Now all thumbnail will be created (can take some time depending on the amount of Files in your Connections environment).

IBM Docs editing not working due to duplicate account error

When you get an error when trying to edit a document and the log file of the server shows the following error:

2/12/15 15:34:06:712 CST] 0000016f ConcordDocSer E  Have no permission on this file in repository

                 com.ibm.concord.spi.exception.RepositoryAccessException: Exception occurred with error code: CLFAD1000, message: Have no permission on this file in repository, and additional data: {“docUri”:”8d23a756-f1cf-4aa8-ad51-85e9a07e1ad3″,”repo_err_code”:”DuplicateUserAccount”,”repo_err_msg”:”EJPVJ9070E: Unable to logon the user with the J2EE principal wasadmin”,”repo_http_status”:403}


then the cause is that indeed the wasadmin is in the files database twice and the the system therefore is unable to find out which is the one to be used. To solve this you have to sync the member table of the database to have the invalid user(s) removed:

1. Start the wsadmin client.


Go to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\bin>

./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -user <admin_user_id> -password <admin_password> -port <SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Port>


2. Start the Files script with the following command: 




3. Use the following command to synchronize the internal IDs of the Files users:


FilesMemberService.syncAllMembersByExtId( {“updateOnEmailLoginMatch”: “true“ })


This should remove all duplicate users and IBM Docs should be working now.

Installing IBM Connections 5.0, CR2 and IBM Docs on Linux – Guides

My colleague Charles Price has created two guides covering the installation of IBM Connections 5.0, CR2 and IBM Docs on Linux. While I have created guides like that before, I have always done them on Windows, as Linux is, for me at least, a different kind if beast that I have so far avoided as much as I can. 😉

Here you go:

Installation guide IBM Connections 5.0 on Linux

Installation guide IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 on Linux

Installation guide IBM Docs 1.0.7 on IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 on Linux 

 In the last one I especially like the two topics of upgrading CCM for Docs as well as the description on how to configure either NFS or CIFS shares.

How to integrate IBM Docs 1.0.7 with IBM Connections 5.0 CCM CR2 (Filenet Libraries in Connections)

IBM Connections CCM integrates IBM Connections Communities with Filenet libraries, allowing users to store files hierarchically and add further features such as file types and approval process to it.  IBM Docs is able to integrate into those libraries to all user to view and edit files collaboratively. How to do this is unfortunately at the moment not very well documented in the IBM Docs knowledge center (this will be changed in the near future). Therefore I have created a Step by Step guide that will help you to install IBM Docs 1.0.7 on a IBM Connections 5.0 CCM CR2 system including the integration with Filenet Libraries.

You can find the guide on Greenhouse. Greenhouse is IBMs collaboration demonstration platform available to everyone, demonstrating solutions such as Sametime, Portal, Connections, Docs, Forms and many more (you will have to sign up, though).

Here the direct link to the guide:


Installation errors with IBM Docs 1.0.7 regarding Remote Installation steps

If you get errors when installing IBM Docs on Windows such as: INFO Not all remote installation jobs complete successfully! followed by a rollback of the installation then make sure, you are using Powershell version 2.0 and not 1.0. You can check that by starting the powershell and entering $PSVersionTable . If it does show Version 1.0 you can find Version 2 here.