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TDI User Import – tampering with the collect.dns can be dangerous

Sometimes in a testinstallation of IBM Connections you may only want to import a few specific user.  This can be done by editing the collect.dns by hand, because only the users present in this file will be added to the Profiles database in the next step when running the populate_from_dn_file.

Unfortunately there is a little trap you can step in.  The collect.dns *MUST* be saved in the UTF8-format, otherwise you will encountered massive problems with names containing Umlaute or other special letter as in Sören Müller.  If you use Notepad for editing the file will be automatically saved in ANSI format, unfortunately. If the list than contains a special character the populate_from_dn_file will start though, but once it hits the user with it it hang and the log files will grow rapidly (easily a few 100 MB in 10, 20 seconds). If you notice that: CTRL-C the comandline running the populate_from_dn_file and reopen the collect.dns and this time when saving select UTF-8 in the “Save as type” field:


Beim Speichern UTF8 statt ANSI auswählen


Right after that you can restart the importing of userdata and it should run fine for all Müllers of this planet..