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How to integrate IBM Docs 1.0.7 with IBM Connections 5.0 CCM CR2 (Filenet Libraries in Connections)

IBM Connections CCM integrates IBM Connections Communities with Filenet libraries, allowing users to store files hierarchically and add further features such as file types and approval process to it.  IBM Docs is able to integrate into those libraries to all user to view and edit files collaboratively. How to do this is unfortunately at the moment not very well documented in the IBM Docs knowledge center (this will be changed in the near future). Therefore I have created a Step by Step guide that will help you to install IBM Docs 1.0.7 on a IBM Connections 5.0 CCM CR2 system including the integration with Filenet Libraries.

You can find the guide on Greenhouse. Greenhouse is IBMs collaboration demonstration platform available to everyone, demonstrating solutions such as Sametime, Portal, Connections, Docs, Forms and many more (you will have to sign up, though).

Here the direct link to the guide:


Problems creating CCM Domain in Connections 4.5

Today I had some issues creating the CCM P8 Domain, getting errors while creating the domain as well as some access errors.  Here I found the proper solution posted by Shil P:


1. Stop Connections JVM. Nodeagent and Dmgr can remain up (unless you want to clear TEMP and WSTEMP files).

2. Remove all files and directories contained WITHIN …\IBM\Connections\Data\Shared\CCM. Do not delete the CCM directory itself.
3. Delete the dminfo.properties file from …\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\Profiles\Dmgr\bin
4. Drop and recreate the IBM Connections Content Manager database via dbWizard.
5. Start Connections JVM
6. Run ..\ccmDomainTool>createGCD.bat
7. Run ..\ccmDomainTool>createObjectStore.bat

The main culprit seemed to have been a improper dminfo.properties.  Deleting it solved the problems.