New features in the October IBMs Social Cloud Docs upgrade

I have just been informed by the Docs development team, that they have upgraded IBM Connections Docs last week end in the cloud. Here you can find the new features in IBM Connections Docs this month:

Common services:

  • Auto-publishing ensures that your readers can see updates whenever you close the document tab . Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. During a simultaneous group editing session, the new version is created after the last co-editor closes the document.

Documents editor:

  •   You can now view watermarks in imported .docx files.

Spreadsheets editor:

  • You can now sort by multiple columns.
  • On Windows,you can press Ctrl+Alt+Plus to insert rows or columns in Internet Explorer. On Mac, to insert rows or columns,  you can press Ctrl+Shift+Plus in Safari and Chrome, and press Command+Shift+Plus in FireFox.    
  • You can import and export data validation settings for .xls and .ods files.
  • You can cut, paste and autofill data validation setting to a target range.
  • You can open .xlsx files that have styles beyond the 1024 columns.

Presentations editor:

  • The default font position in the table is changed to the center of each cell.
  • The default template background color is changed to white.

File Viewer:

  • Support vertical text for .pptx, .odp, and .ppt files on IE 11, Chrome 28, and Safari 7.
  • Enabled HTML viewer of PDF documents.
  • For imported .xls, .xlsx, and .ods files, the formula with 3-D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer.

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