IBM Docs editing not working due to duplicate account error

When you get an error when trying to edit a document and the log file of the server shows the following error:

2/12/15 15:34:06:712 CST] 0000016f ConcordDocSer E  Have no permission on this file in repository

        Exception occurred with error code: CLFAD1000, message: Have no permission on this file in repository, and additional data: {“docUri”:”8d23a756-f1cf-4aa8-ad51-85e9a07e1ad3″,”repo_err_code”:”DuplicateUserAccount”,”repo_err_msg”:”EJPVJ9070E: Unable to logon the user with the J2EE principal wasadmin”,”repo_http_status”:403}


then the cause is that indeed the wasadmin is in the files database twice and the the system therefore is unable to find out which is the one to be used. To solve this you have to sync the member table of the database to have the invalid user(s) removed:

1. Start the wsadmin client.


Go to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\bin>

./ -lang jython -user <admin_user_id> -password <admin_password> -port <SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Port>


2. Start the Files script with the following command: 




3. Use the following command to synchronize the internal IDs of the Files users:


FilesMemberService.syncAllMembersByExtId( {“updateOnEmailLoginMatch”: “true“ })


This should remove all duplicate users and IBM Docs should be working now.

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