Force the creation of thumbnails for all files in Connections with File Viewer

When installing the File Viewer for IBM Connections (which is free in case you did not know), then it will create thumbnails for a quick preview for all files uploaded from now on. You might have a large number of files already in the system though. To enforce the creation of thumbnails for all existing files in the Files application of IBM Connections you need to do the following steps (for IBM Docs / File Viewer 1.0.7 you will have to install iFix 2 first, which you can find in FixCentral):

1. Start the wsadmin client.


Go to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\bin>

./ -lang jython -user <admin_user_id> -password <admin_password> -port <SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Port>


2. Start the Files script with the following command: 




3. Use the following command to synchronize the internal IDs of the Files users:



Now all thumbnail will be created (can take some time depending on the amount of Files in your Connections environment).

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