Disable UAC in Windows when installing IBM Docs 1.0.7

I lately saw a lot of installations of IBM Docs 1.0.7 fail when using the new Graphical Installation Interface. Most of them failed while executing the remote jobs. The Remote Job Manager of WebSphere does the installation on the remote servers (the Docs installation is done centrally and distributing all components to the corresponding servers).  To do so, the User Account Control (UAC) of Windows must be disabled, since otherwise the installer will trigger the Windows warnings asking, if you really, really, really want to do something – except, that this pop up will not show up. Consequently the installation step will fail, as Windows does not allow this step to be done.

While this is very important it seems to be missed very easily.  Here you can find it in the installation instructions:


If you cannot disable UAC in your environment, then you will have to use the script based installation.

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