Installation errors with IBM Docs 1.0.7 regarding Remote Installation steps

If you get errors when installing IBM Docs on Windows such as: INFO Not all remote installation jobs complete successfully! followed by a rollback of the installation then make sure, you are using Powershell version 2.0 and not 1.0. You can check that by starting the powershell and entering $PSVersionTable . If it does show Version 1.0 you can find Version 2 here.

6 thoughts on “Installation errors with IBM Docs 1.0.7 regarding Remote Installation steps”

  1. Hi Martti,

    I use PSVersion 4.0 🙂 and get the same error. When i check the command in the event log and start it manually i see interesting things.

    First when i start it with administrator everything runs through, when i start with a user in the administrators group -> UAC pops up.

    Second when i look in the requirements document of Docs and check against there is no matching Windows Version which is supported and use PS 1.0.

    I think there is more needed.


    1. Hi Christopher,

      you are right, this error can only occur, when you use Windows 2008 without R2, which is not supported (I ran into this environment, though). Regarding the UAC: Are you sure you have turned it off as part of the prerequisits before installing IBM Docs?



  2. I think the main problem is, that the complete installation do a rollback when the remote installer fails. Even when i install it locally or manual through powershell the whole process does not run through.

    When you analyze the installation script you see that vcredist_x86.exe gets installed and that’s the only part which raises a uac popup. We have so many requirements on installing Connections and Docs (Python, TDI and so on), why not defining vcredist as a prerequist and then the installation will run through without deacting UAC.

    UAC disable always needs a reboot and the security aware companies will not allow it.

    Just my 2 cent, maybe you can forward the comment to the devs or product managers?

    1. I already had raised the issue of the complete rollback of the installation (I personnally *hate* that). Unfortunately this is the way the IBM Installation Manager works and the Docs Dev team does not have the possibility to change that behaviour.

      Regarding the vcredist_x86.exe I will check that today with Dev and have them have a look at this. If it really is only this part, then yes, most definitely it should be made a prerequisit!

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