IBM Docs: Conversion server unable to find NFS share

If you have set up IBM Docs and are sharing the files using NFS with the Conversion Server of IBM Docs, you may see some errors that the Conversion server is unable to find the shared directory even though in the file browser you can clearly go there and see all files. The Viewer and the Docs application will tell you that the Conversion server took too much time to respond.

This can be due to the fact, that the Conversion Server is started as a Windows Server with local system authority, while the binding of the NFS server is done with the user you are logged in. As the shares are only available to the user that mapped it, IBM Docs and the Conversion server are unable to see it.

To solve that, you need to map it with the local system.  This technet entry shows how to do it:

Once you did the changes IBM Conversion server should be able to access the files in the shared NFS folders.