IBM Docs entitlement – Limit access to IBM Docs in a IBM Connections environment

An IBM Docs question that comes up a lot is:  Is it possible to limit people accessing IBM Docs?  Meaning: If I have 10000 users in IBM Connections – can I roll out IBM Docs in a first step to a subset of 2500?

The answer is: Yes, that is possible. It’s call IBM Docs entitlement and can be easily set in the WebSphere Application Server WebConsole.  In the IBM Docs Wiki is documented how (in this case for Version 1.0.5 for IBM Docs):


3 thoughts on “IBM Docs entitlement – Limit access to IBM Docs in a IBM Connections environment”

  1. Thanks for sharing Martti, good to know.

    But one additional question, when a entitled user is opening a file, the file gets an additional attribute “This is an IBM Docs file. All edits must be made online.” and the upload new version button disappears.

    See my question on too.

    I think it is very difficult to handle such a mixed environment, because the entitled users can edit documents, which only can be downloaded from the other group, but they can’t update these files.

    What happens, when i uninstall Docs? Can i reset these opened files, that uploading new versions is available again?


  2. Hi Martti, thanks for sharing. One question on this:

    When you enable the Docs feature only for a subset of users, what happens with files, which are edited through IBM Docs and got the status: “This is an IBM Docs file. All edits must be made online.”?

    Users who aren’t allowed to use Docs can’t add new versions of these files, or is there a setting for this?

    Question is important for disabling Docs too, what happens with files, which are opened with IBM Docs? The upload new version button disappears, so how can we work with these files after disabling, or after enabling Docs for a group of users?

    Some thoughts and questions here too: IBM Connections Forum.

    Hope you know a solution for this.


  3. Hi Christoph,

    many questions and I am afraid not the same amount of answers.

    At the moment it is true, that an IBM Docs file cannot be replaced by via “Upload new version”. This is going to change soon, though. It may not be version 1.0.6 yet, but I have seen it already.

    When it comes to disabling IBM Docs /resetting the Docs status: I have asked the Product Manager regarding this and I have no satisfying answer, yet.

    When it comes to mobile devices: As long as you are online with your mobile device you can work on it. Offline editing on mobile devices is on the roadmap and will come. This year is unlikely though.

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