Files Plugin for Lotus Notes does not upload documents

If you are using the Files Plugin Lotus Notes from the Greenhouse Solutions Catalog, you may be finding yourself being able to see and download all files in IBM Connections Files repository, but when trying to upload a file though, you might get an error message like that:

A problem with the server was encountered.


To solve that problem you need to add one line to Lotus Notes plugin-customization.ini:

Then save the ini-files, restart the Notes Client and the upload should be working now.

The plugins-customization.ini can be found in your Notes install directory/framework/rcp in Windows.  Mac user right click the icon and choose “Show package content”. Then they go to Contents/MacOS/rpc/ .

5 thoughts on “Files Plugin for Lotus Notes does not upload documents”

  1. Hi Christoph,

    okay, now you got me. 😉 I keep telling “read the Connections Wiki” and now I am then who did not see that.

    Thank you for the link!

    Have a great day.


    1. One Curious Guy -I too like the file and activity plug-in. Are there any other Connections plug ins for the Notes clenit? For example Forums.ThanksAlso curious

      1. Sorry for the late answer: Yes, there are more plugins, for example an status-update plugin, which lets you see what happens in your network and also post status updates to your activity stream. I usually keep looking for new ones in the solutions catalog on greenhouse.

  2. Dein Blog hat mich wiedereinmal “gerettet”. Da hatte ich mir Notes “zerschossen” und nach der Neuinstallation klappte der Files Upload nicht… Nach wahnsinnig langem Suchen der AHA-Effekt: “Nicht Suchen – Martti fragen” und siehe da – sofort fündig geworden …. und ein deja vu …. as you know
    Happy Weltuntergang – bis +1

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