Social File Sharing: IBM Connections vs. MS SharePoint

A collegue brought the following great comparison of Social File Sharing in IBM Connections and MS SharePoint to my attention.  While it is done cleary from IBMs point of view I still can’t believe that SharePoint could be that “unsocial” when it comes to it’s greatest strength: files and documents.  If you are using MS SharePoint feel free to comment and show me what the colleague is overseeing. 😉

Here the video in English:

Here the video in German:



One thought on “Social File Sharing: IBM Connections vs. MS SharePoint”

  1. This is something I’ve thought Jive has done well over the last couple of years, and came over fairly well in the keynote yesterday, although the sales push and loud music detracted significantly from this. But Jive seems to have outsourced this creative piece to Dachis Group now which I think’ is a mistake.

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